Install samba addon via Home Assistant CLI - how to provide password?

Due to a wrong change in the core.device_registry (I know it is dangerous to change it manually), my supervised home assistant is not starting anymore ;-(

My first idea is to install samba addon to be able to change this file, but I am not able to specify the password (and probably other options) when trying to install it via HA CLI using this command: addons install core_samba

How may I specify some options (like the password)?

Thanks for your prompt help

What’s wrong with linux console(and optional editor) in supervised ?

I have installed HA via Home Assistant Operating System procedure on a rpi 3
When starting, I am automatically logged into the HA Cli environment, and then no access to a linux console. so not possible to use “vi” or “nano” commands.

so not a supervised or ?, no chance of connecting with SSH ? … or no other linux you can “read” the disk from ? … thou you could also save some time, by wipe it, and install a new

unfortunately don’t remember SSH password, and no other way to read disk from.
install a new one will be my very last option…

Then get familiar with the CLI, and try to edit the file that way

Any idea how to edit a file using the CLI?

Nope sorry, but --help will tell