Install smart camera

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How to place a smart camera on a wall of an entrance porch where only 2 wires pass (to install a light on the wall by example).
Wifi is available on the porch but no ethernet connection.
so the camera must have a 12v/1a adapter but then how to connect it to the 2 wires?
Do I have to disassemble the adapter to extract the wires?

the electrical wiring seems difficult to me.

thanks for your proposition

In addition, cameras with batteries pose a problem in home assistant

do you know a smart camera with battery fully compatible with HA (with all its entities) ?

sorry for my poor english…


Hire an electrician or security installer.

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From where do you have that Information?

Generally any ONVIF Camera works.
Some Cameras can be integrated “natively”, some must be added via ONVIF

Ask a professional and not people on the internet if you dont know what to do with live wires.


get any battery powered ONVIF Camera

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can you advise me for a smart camera with battery???


for you can this camera “eufy cam 2c pro “”” work well on ha ??


If it has ONVIF then probably.
Just try it out and return if it sucks.