Install specific version of HASS on Hasbian

I’ve had it with HASS 0.77, between the auth that can’t be disabled and ZWave having just gone totally sideways with errors in the log complaining that the controller doesn’t generate unique IDs, so all switches are now dead… SO, if downloading a new version of Hassbian, once booted, it’ll automatically download and install the latest version of HASS - I DO NOT want it to do that., How would I go about having it download and install specific version of HASS (Specifically, nothing newer than 0.76.2), OR - how would I downgrade HASS that was installed from a Hasbian image to 0.76.2? I did find a thing or two about downgrading, but it was related to, not Hasbian.

From within your venv…

pip install homeassistant==0.76.2
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