Install Supervised/Supervisor on Raspberry Pi4 with Docker installation

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Hi I installed Home Assistant through docker on Raspberry Pi4 since I use this Pi for other purposes.
But I have no idea how to install supervised/supervisor.
How to do it ?


You can’t install the Supervisor separately after you install HA Container.

You need to install the HA Supervised version of HA.

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Well, you install the Supervised version if the following is true:

This method is considered advanced and should only be used if one is an expert in managing a Linux operating system, Docker and networking.

(from the official docs)

Otherwise, you either stick with Container and Docker images, or you flash the thing with Home Assistant OS and only use add-ons.

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Hi @rmenes
This video showed me how to install HA Supervised in a docker container on a Raspberry Pi 4
How to Install Home Assistant Supervised - OFFICIAL WAY

The steps where as follows;
Update your OS with the following two commands:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

Install needed Home Assistant Supervised dependencies
sudo apt-get install network-manager apparmor-utils jq -y

sudo reboot

Get the official docker script for Raspberry Pi
curl -fsSL​ -o

Start the script
sudo sh

Give Pi user needed permissions
sudo usermod -aG docker pi

Get the HA installer script
sudo curl -Lo

Start the HA installer script change the machine with any of these

sudo bash --machine raspberrypi4

And after posting that reply, I’m going to ask the community to help me with this question;

  • Can I install the 64 bit version using the code
    sudo bash --machine raspberrypi4-64
    ("-64" in the end)

Yes, if you have 64 bit OS

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Try my guide with bash scripts


If you use the RPi to host other containers, then you should consider to do it the IOTstack way. A lot of the hard work is covered by a menu and scripts, including backups, DropBox uploader, log2ram etc. And also Home Assistant is covered.
And then there is an active Discord channel to support you when you have issues.

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Looks great
I see no mention of 32 vs 64 bit OS installation, docker specific 64 bit installation, but the last install code references to raspberry pi 4 64 bit

Could you help me out here; how does that work?
Is the OS installation (the OS that runs on RPi4 that is) defying what version of HA i can run inside the docker container??!

My script is focusing on official Supervised version which required the latest Debian 10 buster and yes it will run on 64bit version Debian for RPI4

Does anyone figured out, how to fix rpi.gpio ?
Is there any way to update RPi.GPIO to 0.7.1a4 on core container ? That seems to fix the problem with gpio on debian (atleast on host).

thanks man. I will reinstall.

Thanks man, I will check it out. I thought supervised was a software component.

I use RPi for Plex Server and Retropie, it is running raspbian, to be honest the only container i used was home assistant. Apparently I made the wrong choice to use docker container, instead of just installing it directly to raspbian directly without docker containers. I will reinstall it.

Thanks all for the feedback. I will reinstall home assistant when I have patience :rofl:

I trying to install HA Supervisor but I have a small issue :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
When I start the installation script, I receive the fallowing message:

[email protected]:~/Desktop/test $ sudo bash --machine raspberrypi4-64
[warn] If you want more control over your own system, run
[warn] Home Assistant as a VM or run Home Assistant Core
[warn] via a Docker container.
[warn] If you want to abort, hit ctrl+c within 10 seconds...
[warn] ModemManager service is enabled. This might cause issue when using serial devices.
[info] Creating NetworkManager configuration
[warn] Changes are needed to the /etc/network/interfaces file
[info] If you have modified the network on the host manualy, those can now be overwritten
[info] If you do not overwrite this now you need to manually adjust it later
[info] Do you want to proceed with overwriting the /etc/network/interfaces file? [N/y]
[info] Replacing /etc/network/interfaces
[info] Restarting NetworkManager
PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.

--- ping statistics ---
1 packets transmitted, 0 received, 100% packet loss, time 0ms

[info] Waiting for - network interface might be down...
PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.

--- ping statistics ---
1 packets transmitted, 0 received, 100% packet loss, time 0ms

[info] Waiting for - network interface might be down...

It seems that I do not have internet access through the docker .

Do you have any advice how to fix this problem?