Install vscode (visual studio code) as a separate docker container

I am running my home-assistant (not HassIO) as a docker container and wanted to install vscode. Here is what I did.

  1. create local folders to hold vscode config data

mkdir /vscode

  1. install docker container
    docker run --name vscode --restart unless-stopped -p 8443:8443 -itd -v /vscode:/config -v /path_to_hass_config_folder:/config/workspace -e ‘TZ=Australia/Adelaide’ -e PASSWORD=xxx -e SUDO_PASSWORD=xxx linuxserver/code-server

  2. log into vscode web-ui on http://ip:8443. you should be able to see all your hass config files. At this point, we have a working code editor.

  3. However to make it similar to hassio extension, with all those autofill bells and whistles, we need to install a few extensions. I fetched the list from the official addon here.


for some reason I am unable to search for them with in vscode web-ui. so I downloaded vsix files and install them manually. here is how I did it.

a) goto vscode market place and search for the above extensions, one at a time, and download them.
b) move those vsix files to vscode config folder
c) In the vscode web-ui, click on hamburger icon (top left) > view > extensions
d) in the extensions side bar click the 3 dots (’…’) and click “install from vsix”. under /config select and install the extensions, one by one.

  1. close the vscode web-ui (browser) and reopen it.
  2. In order to provide home-assistant access to vscode, in the settings, search for home assistant and provide url (http://ip:8123) and a long lived token.
  3. similarly you need to provide esphome url (http://ip:6052) as well.

hope this helps someone.


What does this provide that the normal VSCode extension doesn’t?

I think that’s the point. vscode is available as an add-on for, but add-ons aren’t available for a standard HA docker install. That’s what I understood anyway, but then I’ve not had much coffee today so…

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I just installed VS Code in a docker container via docker-compose. I used this site as reference: (Thanks to whomever posted this)

My question is: Is there a way to load the Home Assistant Extension for VS Code with this type of configuration? I could figure it out.

Found my own answer after a while … I didn’t realize that you could download these extensions and then import it via “Install from VSIX”

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I don’t run hassio (just normal docker HA), and I have VSCode extension installed on VSCode. It connects to my HA and I get all the features.

So what I’m trying to figure out is what the add-on provides that the extension doesn’t. If it’s just a web browser version of VSCode, then cool. But if they are looking for just using normal VSCode with HA, the add-on/vscode server isn’t needed.

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in your case, I think you are all set. I didn’t want to install and maintain vscode on each machine separately.

So what you’re saying is that it’s a web version of vscode? How hard is it to say that?

Thank you very much. Added this also in the side panel of my home assistant and works like a charm :slight_smile:

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I’ve added the link to VS Code in the HA side panel but when I access it from there it doesn’t show the HA workspace like it does just going directly to the VS Code URL in the browser.

Is there a trick I’m missing to get it working?

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I got the same problem. It resets to blank and you have to open recent workspace again.

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@Clubke @finity

I fixed the instructions to correct this issue. please try again. thanks.

In my setup the port 8443 is used by Ubiquti Unifi.

you can map it any port. for example 8222 like below

-p 8222:8443

Works like a charm now :slight_smile:

Which container do you use for VSCode?
Using VSCode on Synology registry, I find tons of versions
Your help will be appreciated, thanks

Is is codercom/code-server?

no, its linuxserver/code-server

How do I get a HA side panel working ? Can you please provide your config for that. Thanks

Thanks for your guide.

I only have one problem:
I’m trying to install those VSIX files but every time I install one it only says:
“Please reload Visual Studio Code to complete installing the extension Python.”

And the actual extension doesn’t get installed.
I already tried restarting and refreshing everything but it just doesn’t work.
Any ideas?

Thanks a lot.

Hi hello


but i dont know why, cant connect do VS vis ip: 8443

i do have this in log :

standard_init_linux.go:211: exec user process caused "exec format error"

Thanks in advance