Install zwave2mqtt on Synology without Docker?

I’ve got a Synology DS216play (without Docker) with Home Assistant and I’d like to install Zwave2mqtt. The default installation method is via Docker, but all other methods (see ZwaveJS2Mqtt) aren’t that easy either. The Synology has no Kubernetes, yarn, make, etc.

Anyone an idea how to get Zwave2mqtt on a ARM device without Docker?

Thanks for sharing a link that’s already in my question.

Those are your only options.

You could try submitting an enhancement to ask for a PKG build for ARM platforms. I don’t really know if those will work on Synology or not.

Does your controller even work in Synology? Getting USB devices to work properly seems to be a common challenge, according to posts in this forum.

Yes, I’ve managed to work with the USB controller. I’ve bought a newer Synology with Docker and that works perfectly, but I’m trying to get the old one working as well.