Installation CAN Bus MCP2515 HAT module for Raspbery PI 5 with HAOS

In order to install and integrate CAN HAT module there must be enabled SPI interface plus BCM2835 and wiringPi libraries, and python for programming communication.
guideline is here:
However on Raspberry PI5 with HAOS installed I can’t access the standard unix commands required like sudo make …,.build, apt-get … via SSH terminal.

Any hints how get broather privileges to execute the installation or do I need to instal Raspbian and run HA as a docker or HA core? I would like to utilized add-ons and HACS which are only available for HAOS.

You can’t install anything in HAOS…
HA itself is an container using alpine… So apt-get doesn’t work… You need alpine packages using "APK add… "…
You need to enter the HA docker container to install packages there , however those are lost if you update HA… You need to create an automation to install them again, I do it on restart of HA…

Or run an HA addon, using Debian or whatever distro you want…

Or an easier way is to use an CAN USB adapter , no need for extra modules , just plug in , the drivers for CAN adapters are already present in HAOS itself, I added them with a PR a few years ago… I myself use the canable USB adapter

Thanks for hints,
I’m not much skilled with technical linux stuff.
In terms HA docker container does it mean I need to use raspbian OS and create a docker for HA as was an option for HAOS installation or can I follow the guideline here Use apt-get commands - #20 by pergola.fabio?
My understanding is that I need to create a script file and put in directory /config and in configuration.yaml enter setup shell_command.
Regarding CAN BUS adapter it sounds good but I already purchased CAN HAT module:(

Yes indeed, you can follow that guide there, was also posted by me :slight_smile:

I think it’s better to run HAOS, and maybe use an addon, so you can run anything you want

So you mean HAOS without docker, right? Btw I did not find any add-on supporting CAN communication

indeed, without docker
if you cant find packages for Alpine, you can create an addon yourself, quite easy, you can use then an debian image or whatever you want todo

I’m failing with creating my local add-on. Despite following tutorial I can’t see it in the add-on store