Installation Device zigbee2mqtt on Synology NAS-Docker Container without auto-Detection

I cannot know what IP address you use. How have you defined the ports on the container?

Check to make sure you have ‘frontend:’ defined in your configuration.yaml file with the same port that’s defined in your docker run command (or docker-compose file).

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Hi Bill, I am quite a beginner in HA…, please explain a bit more. Which code do I have to insert into which configuration.yaml. (configuration.yaml from HA or from zigbee2mqtt?)
How is “frontend:” to be defined, or which value is to be assigned?


He means in the zigbee2mqtt configuration.yaml. Everything is documented here: Frontend | Zigbee2MQTT

You will need to figure out what port you are using though, this is something you define when you set up the container.


I tried it, but it doesn´t work.
This is the first part of my configuration.yaml.

homeassistant: true
permit_join: true
  base_topic: zigbee2mqtt
  server: mqtt://
  client_id: zigbee2mqtt
  include_device_information: true
  port: /dev/ttyUSB0
frontend: true
  homeassistant_discovery_topic: 'homeassistant'
  homeassistant_legacy_entity_attributes: false
  legacy_api: false
  legacy_availability_payload: false
  legacy: false

What do I have to change?

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Format your code correctly: How to help us help you - or How to ask a good question

Your setup seems right on the z2m side, so I’ll ask again - how have you defined your ports on the container?

Sorry for that. How do I find out the defined ports?

When you set up the container, you have the option to define the ports. Are you using docker-compose or the GUI on your NAS?

the GUI. I did not define special Ports (i guess).

Then you need to do that. The default one is 8080, but your NAS might be using that. You can try mapping port 8080 to 8080, if you get any errors you can try port 8090 to 8080 for example. When that is done you should be able to access the frontend on http://yournasIP:8080 (or 8090 or whatever you set).

even helpless
I stopped the zigbee2mqtt Container.
I went to Settings. I add the following:

But it did not work.

Try 8080:8080 or 8090:8080 not 8080:8090. To elaborate: the first port is what you access your NAS with, the second is what you container listens at. I know QNAP uses 8080 default, hence my idea to map 8090 (on the nas) to 8080 (on z2m). If your NAS doesn’t use 8080 you should be fine with 8080:8080.

I am using a Synology NAS. To reach it, I use: //

Is that Information helpful?

Then you should be fine with 8080:8080

Sorry - no success. Still

Do I have to restart HA?

You have restarted the container right?

The zigbee2mqtt-Container - yes
Not the HA- and not the mosquitto-Container

Then I don’t know.

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I don’t know either, maybe try

  port: 8080

When changing this, the zigbee2mqtt-Container stopped running after a few seconds.