Installation differences


Last week I was testing Home assistant to check if it would suite my needs and how to configure stuff.
I documented everything I did.
So yesterday I moved it to final to replace my old home automation system.
For this I decided to start with a clean slate so I don’t have any left overs from testing.
But I noticed a few difference.
I use HA 5.12 32bit on a Raspberry Pi 3A+. the same I used for testing.
During my testing HA would immediately find my scan and find my LG tv. But now it doesn’t.
I installed Tasmota, during my tests wifi statuses were visible but now not any more.
I’m sure I can enable all this again if I start searching, But why isn’t it added automatically like before?
Also I have 5 tasmota devices.
but 1 is listed under MQTT. the other 4 are listed under Tasmota

All works, but this is strange to me.

Can someone explain to me those differences or at least 1 of them? To my knowledge I didn’t do anything else then before.

With kind regards Bart

My guess is that four of your Tasmotized devices are configured like this:

SetOption19 0

and are discovered by Home Assistant’s Tasmota integration.

The fifth device is configured like this:

SetOption19 1

and discovered by Home Assistant’s MQTT Discovery process (thereby included in MQTT integration).

The differences between the two discovery techniques are explained here:

Basically, the Tasmota project is moving away from using Home Assistant’s MQTT Discovery process to their own style of device discovery (which is what Home Assistant’s Tasmota integration is for).


I currently have only three Tasmotized devices, all use SetOption19 0 (which I believe is the default nowadays) and all three appear within the Tasmota integration.

Screenshot from 2021-03-07 10-24-24

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Thank you
this SetOption19 was indeed the difference, now they are all listed under Tasmota.
do you also have an idea why the wifi status doesn’t appear automatically?

It’s probably disabled.

  • Go to Configuration > Integrations > Tasmota
  • Click one of the five devices.
  • Look at the bottom of the card title Entities. You should see a message like: +8 disabled entities.
  • Click the message to display the disabled entities.
  • Click any one of the disabled entities, like sensor.whatever_rssi, and you’ll be presented with the means to enable it.

thanks, you are correct