Installation Error -- First time user Raspberry Pi 4

Hi All,

Thanks for your help in advance.

I’ve been trying (unsuccessfully) to get Home Assistant up and running on a 2 GB Raspberry Pi 4. To be clear, this is my first time ever installing Home Assistant.

I followed the instructions outlined at the following and I’m connected directly to my router via an ethernet cable:

Once I navigate to the HA page by entering my Pi’s IP address and 8123 into my browser, I’m able to start the download process but I hit the error shown below:

That error repeats in an endless loop for hours if I let it go. My Google-fo has been failing me, so I haven’t been able to determine a solution for my issue.

Any ideas what’s going wrong?


We may be at cross purposes here, but “start the download process”? When I did this I downloaded the Home Assistant image on my PC, then (still on the PC) used balenaEtcher to copy it to the SD card. Only then did I put the card in the Pi and fire it up.

Sorry, used the wrong word. I should have said when I start the preparing HA process. I downloaded the image and used balenaEtcher to write it to a SD card as well.

Sorry - I misunderstood. :slightly_smiling_face:

It was a DNS issue. The following got me sorted out!