Installation Home Assistant to Manager Home Technical Support


There is an interra brand smart home management system & panel with knxx protocol in the house of one of our managers. We manage this system with the Intrerra application. Skills we use while managing

  • Light on-off
  • Shutter open-close
  • Air conditioner on-off
  • Natural gas disabled
  • Electricity disabled
  • Alarm vs.

The Intrerra application has limitations in terms of advanced management. For example, you turn the air conditioner on and off, but you cannot make the air conditioner run for 1 hour, program it to X degrees, and turn it off automatically after 1 hour. We have several talent requests like this one.

I submit my requests through several alternatives. I would like to receive installation, commissioning and training services either directly from Robolink or from Robolink’s business partners for a fee.

4 alternatives, whichever is the most stable or convenient

My Request-1
To make the system manageable via Home Assistant by continuing Interra panel and KNX codes.

My Request-2
If Interra will change on the panel, switch to a Rasperi compatible with Home Assistant, transfer KNX codes here and manage them from Home Assistant.

my request-3
Managing the system from Home Assistant by establishing Interra panel, Rasperi and Home Assistant 3 bridges

my request-4
Changing the entire system by switching to a KNX panel compatible with Home Assistant

Please review and feedback.
Our manager’s house is in Istanbul, and we will do the work at the residence in Istanbul.

We are looking for a specialist or team that can establish a structure that can be managed from the Home Assistant over the Interra system for a fee, or re-establish it with Home Assistant compatible hardware and KNX.

Kind regards.

I can assist you with any of your preferred options, although there are also options with longer shelf life than the ones you described.