Installation is getting big and then dying

I was reading throught the forum, but could not come up with a solution myself.
I have set up HAOS on a Odroid N2+ and it seems, that the installation is running out of disc space all the time.
I have tried with recorder and purge interval to 5 days, but it seems that suddenly it is running out of space.
This is the installation from yesterday and already moving from 4% to 13.4%.

How big is your eMMC card?

What other addons or third party integrations do you have installed?

Anything that records video?

How many backups do you have?

How big are they?

eMMC: 64 GB

  • FileEditor
  • Terminal & SSH
  • HACS
    • Sonoff Lan
    • Kia UVO

Backups: 2 Backups each around 25 MB

And no video recording.

And you are sure you installed on the eMMC and not the 8MB MMC?

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Try to execute the command “ls -al” in /config to see which file is gowing rapidly… It could be the database (but if the backup is 25 mB, I doubt) or the logfile or any other logfile…

Thx. Will watch that.

You can also use the following command that will give you the 20 biggest files in /config (including subdirectories):

du -a /config | sort -n -r | head -n 20

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It seems that the log file is getting huge:

But at the same time, when i download the file via the File Editor its 1 kB and the content is:
" a bytes-like object is required, not ‘NoneType’"