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This is wonderful news, I’m so pleased that Home Assistant Supervised will continue to be a supported method of installation. Thank you to the development team who are listening to the community and are rethinking the best way forward to make this awesome project even better. Your hard work is very much appreciated!

I like the new naming for Home Assistant Container. I do think it would make sense for each of the four methods to have a descriptor in the name, instead of only three. It would help eliminate confusion when people describe their installation and ask for help. What about something like “Home Assistant Complete” for what is currently being called Home Assistant? That’s what it is, a complete package including the OS. Just a thought…


I like that too.


Home Assistant Complete

with privacy protection

Smarter house in
One package


Many thanks for keeping Home Assistant Supervised. It’s a big relief for me to not have to learn Proxmox.

Also, +1 for ‘Home Assistant Complete’ for the full version.


Just wanted to also express my thanks for the reconsideration and taking the extra time to make this post clarifying things a bit more. I have gone from “Truly disappointed” to “Truly appreciative”.


Thank you.

Keep listening to the community.

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I also like the sound of Home Assistant Complete.
Or at least something to describe it as an all in one package/system.

Thanks to the HA team for all your hard work and for listening. New to the program, have it up and running on my RPi, and loving it. I have a bunch of sensors and other components coming that I’ll be trying to integrate and automate soon!

What has changed from the Dev teams perspective to bring on the naming change adjustment? I am genuinely interested to understand as there was extreme resistance some months ago in the re-branding blog post.

I made these comments in the original thread and was told, “It’s the current mess”. Largely, what has been presented now is very similar to the suggestion put forward, names are different, but the idea is largely the same.

I think now though that we have 5 installation methods, not 4.

This is just my way of thinking about it, feel free to disagree though. (taken from this post)

  • Home Assistant using the Home Assistant OS disk-image on an SBC
    This covers all SBC installs “As an image for your device” from here
  • Home Assistant using the Home Assistant OS disk-image in a VM
    This covers installs “As a virtual appliance” from here
  • Home Assistant Core in python virtual environment on generic OS.
    This covers Venv installs listed here and here on a generic OS, or in a VM.
  • Home Assistant Core Container in docker container on generic OS.
    This covers docker installs listed here on a generic OS, or in a VM.
  • Home Assistant Supervised on generic linux.
    This covers any type of generic install of Home Assistant Supervised, whether that be in a VM, or generic OS - no longer listed to link.

The VM and SBC methods are substantially different methods and should be documented in that way.

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Are they really substantially different though? Not once installed they are not.

Considering the title of this thread is “Installation Methods…”, I would say, yes. One installation method is completely different to the other.

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Thanks. That is good news.

and now an official place for your awesome install guide exists on the forum :grinning:

Hhaahaha I highly doubt that. I have sent some info to Frank about exactly that though, so will see if I get a reply.

the community guides section doesnt appear locked at all, I’d say go create a new thread with it

I’d prefer to see a really good official guide for Supervised, which is what I have asked to contribute too.


Excellent job Nabu Casa guys. You failed, learned, adapted and conquered.

My faith is being renewed.


Perhaps home assistant with hassos should become “Home Assistant - Appliance”

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So Supervised install on Linux is now still supported. Thank you!

But where are the documentation for this?

The repository has been archived and still marked as depreciated.

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As written in the blog post; details are currently worked on and will follow soon.