Installation notes for Remotec ZRC-90US

Hi All,
I’m new to Home assistant, i.e. a newbie.

I purchased a Remotec ZRC-90US, BW8510US.

I had spent a few days trying to get it configure, and I finally did.
It’s working very well. I wanted a handy remote for 8 buttons and this fit the bill.
I wanted to share some information I found with the Home Assistant community.

I had two major issues with the install:

  1. Only the battery was showing up when I installed it. The remote was showing up as unknown. Maybe the remote was configured/used before I got it?
    I found a reset procedure for the remote that seemed to work.
    Also, when you connect the remote to you z-wave hub/device make sure you within 4 feet, the closer the better.

Remote reset procedure:
A. Did you check the slide switch in the battery compartment and make sure it is in the OP direction.
B. The Reset for this is a little tricky. I read that before inclusion the device batteries should be removed for 20 sec. and then re-installed. Then hold down the R button, and here is the tricky part, the LED will go ON for 5 sec. then it will go OFF at the 10 sec. mark, as soon as it goes OFF they say to click the R button 3 times within 2 sec.
C. Then they say to put the hub in include mode, within a foot or so, and press the W button, wait till LED goes out, followed by the L button once. The LED will blink slowly for a bit until it finishes being included and then will go Off. If it flashes 6 times fast it has not included correctly and to try again to include.

  1. The blueprint for the remote did not show any device for the remove
    The is because the blueprint for the remote was filtering on a device name, and the name displayed was different than the one created. So, I remove the filter and I could see the device.

Kevin W.