Installation of HACS

I am new to Home Assistant and tried installing hacs. Everything seemed to go as planned, but when clicking Icon on left, I get this image. I am a newbie and apprecitat any assistance.

I am not sure how to post an image to my message, can anyone help?

You should be able to paste the image directly into the message/text box.

Thanks a million for helping!

You may have enabled HACS experimental mode when you were checking ths boxes.

Experimental features button for HACS give you:

  • A much better search function
  • You no longer have to read pages & pages of offering git repo ‘ads’ to find something
  • Better visibility on the offerings you have selected and what is available
  • Access to the custom template offerings not available in the old interface
  • An easy reload button for the offerings if you think something has gone wonky with them
  • The updates show up in HA with all the OS and addon updates so you know there is a thing to do with your offering

In addition, when the V2 version is released, you will be able to help your navigationally challenged friends figure out what happened.

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Thanks for reply. Like i mentioned, I am a newbie to HA. I am only a few weeks in, so everything is new. I was only installing HACS so that i can download mushroom to be able to make some additonal dashboards. I was following someone on youtube, but they didn’t have my results. Thanks for any further advise!!

There are Docs on the HACS site for experimental mode and there are YT’s that show it’s installation and use. If you are sticking with Experimental mode (And I would advise you do) this will help you get started.

Thanks, I will try that this morning.