Installation of Zigbee2Mqtt on Synology DS220+ nothing works; help!

I am trying to install zigbee2mqtt with the following versions:

System hardware:
• Synology DS220+
o Processor: Intel Celeron J4025 2-core 2.0 GHz, burst up to 2.9 GHz
o Operating sytem: DSM 6.2.4-25556 Update 6
• Docker system 20.10.3-0554
• Router Zigbee Gateway wired LAN Port of HamGeek CC2652P Module For Zigbee2mqtt

Home assistant software:
• Home Assistant 2022.9.4.
• Zigbee2mqtt – Koenkk 1.27.2

Installation manual: Zigbee2MQTT (

I faced several problems during installation:
• Installation Home Assistand – smooth with the Docker system (Latest version)
• Fetching koenkk/zigbee2mqtt – no problem.
• The Docker installation of zigbee2mqtt is based on Debian or Ubuntu linux software:
o No Docker Compose
o Docker Run is handled with a dialog window, it will work with the correct (unknown) data inputs.
o The Z-Stack coordinator of HamGeek has a UTP connector and can be attached via your Network Router – ping - works;
o According to the „Manual“ the coordinator should be connected to: :5000 – no reaction; tested with a browser and putty.

The main question is: is there an install description for this configuration or is this a dead end or … ?

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Were you able to get things to work? If yes, what helped?

I am also on a similar path.

Hello Dundy,
I had a lot of problems during installation and updating the HA software on my Synology DS220+ so I decided to buy a Raspberry py 4 with 8 GB memory. Installation smoothly and the system is running without problems. I installed a UTP Zigbee coordinator and everything works fine under Zigbee2MQTT