Installation on Docker

I thought I would document this here for others, and for when I forget next time.

I installed Ubuntu Debian* on a mini PC and wanted to run HA supervised in a Docker container. Everything went fine until:

curl -sL "" | bash -s

At that point I got an error:

invalid reference format

This was right after:

[info] Install supervisor Docker container

This is run immediately after it restarts the NetworkManager. My assumption was that my WifFi was coming up slower than the script was running when it was trying to grab the files.

To get a local copy, I did this:

curl -sL "" >

I made that file executable and added a sleep command right before it tries to pull the image:

# Pull supervisor image
sleep 30

Ran the local copy:


All working. I think this was down to the Realtek network adapter on my PC as I had to install the drivers for this manually. So it might not affect many people but I figured better to document it than not.

  • Ubuntu looked like it was working right up until I needed to install some addons. So I went back to the drawing board and installed Debian. The process was the same in terms of the network adapter not waking up fast enough.

I think you should mention the machine time. The typical curl url will look like this.

curl -Lo
bash --machine MY_MACHINE

The machine types can be seen from this link

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I didn’t see that in any of the instructions. I have to say I’m completely new to this so I don’t know what difference that would make.

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You can follow this guide to install HA supervised in docker.

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Machine type flags make a big difference, without them the correct image doesn’t get pulled.

Also, see this guide for install on a generic PC, the one linked above is for a Pi.

All seems to be working. Just migrated 7 or 8 devices onto Zigbee2MQTT, and literally just set up a Shelly. Still got lots of devices to migrate from my Pi but they’re all Zigbee so I think I’ll be fine