Installation on Synology D918+ in docker - Not accessible from browser

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I’m trying to migrate my Home Assistant installation to a Synolgy NAS i have, that is also used as a web server with WebStation. I’ve followed the official guide on how to install it, but my problem is that if i chose “Use same network as Docker Host” as the guide states, i cannot acces Home Assistant via the syno’s IP and the 8123 port. I just get a “Refused to connect” message.

If i however not set the “Use same network as Docker Host”, during the setup, and create a port setting in the docker container, I’m able to access Home Assistant fine, but ofcourse, because its not on the same network as the docker host, none of my integrations are detected (Hue, Netatmo etc.)

Anyone else have this problem or suggestions to a work around?

Haven’t had this issue so far. Can you just verify that you don’t have Syno Firewall blocking it?
Also, can you copy here docker command you used? Or did you use Docker GUI for installing it?

I used Docker GUI… And the firewall is disabled on my Syno :frowning:

Are you using http or https when trying to connect to either of them?
What do you see in logs in your configuration folder? There should be something there…

The logs doesn’t show anything of particular interest. Acutally it seems to be working fine, its just some connection problem. Since it is also working fine when i just don’t set “Use same network as Docker Host”