Installation on Tablet?

Hi I am just tipping my toe in home automation and came across Home Assistant. I realize HA can be install on different types of platform/hardware, and it requires python to install. Though I don’t see an option to install HA on tablet, esp. Android tablet, I tried to look for an answer but unable to find 1. Sorry if this has been asked before.

HA needs a computer running 24/7 as a server, so a tablet will not work (besides being the wrong architecture).

You can certainly access and control it from a tablet, but you should install it on a $35 Raspberry Pi.

Thanks for the reply. I am trying to utilize my old laptop/tablet, but I think the laptop will overkill it despite the power consumption.

I ran a home automation system on an old pc for a while, when I was getting started. Its a good way to start rather than spending extra money, although for long term use it will probably be too power hungry. You can transfer any setup you have if you switch to another system.

Most of the addons tend to be Unix based, so it might be easier in the long term to install Linux on the laptop before you start, but it isn’t necessary.

has anything changed in 3 years? Amazon is selling so many tablets for dirt cheap today.
would be so nice to have Hassio installed on tablets