Installation Problem RPi4 (error binding udev / overlayfs: overlapping upperdir path)


Trying to install hassio on a RPi4 4Gb. Followed the install instructions flashing the sd card (32gb) with etcher. I used the 32bit hassio image.

Now I’ve been stuck at “Perparing Home Assistant” for over 2h.

The RPi is showing that and downloading huge amounts of date (several gigs).

Any ideas?


My RasPi 3 with Hassio became unresponsive yesterday. Have seen this randomly, but usually it was resolved by a hard reboot.

Still unresponsive, so I plugged in an HDMI cable and I’m seeing this same issue:

overlayfs: overlapping upperdir path

Then it repeats with numbers before similar to what you have in your screenshot. Mine might be upgrade related, so adding this here. Still looking for how to resolve…

DId you managed to recover? I’m having the exact same issue

Same here…

I’m running into the same thing immediately after installing the VMWare ESXi image. Didn’t see the issue when running it on Hyper-V.

I was able to solve my issue by following the instructions here:

With a raspberry pi you should be able to put the sd card into an SD card reader on a different machine and retrieve your snapshot files (or just download them if you still have access to the web interface).