Installation problems on 3 B+ with new 1.5 image


I’m trying to install on my RPi 3B+, but haven’t had any success.

I see both the red and green lights flashing intermittently, so I know that the SD card is flashed OK.

I also see the RPi listed as connected in Fing, but when I go to I get a “connection refused” error. Am I doing something wrong?

Same problem here. Wrote the image twice. RPI3B+ boots, reboots 2 times but nothing. I can ping the device but that’s it. No ports open.

In the end connected it to a display and logged in. Whatever command I tried to run it complained homeassistant was not running.

I’ve now install raspbian 64bit and am trying with with hassio_install. Got a docker running but again, that’s about it…

# docker ps
CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                                   COMMAND               CREATED             STATUS              PORTS               NAMES
3e718d9106ee        homeassistant/armhf-hassio-supervisor   "python3 -m hassio"   22 minutes ago      Up 12 minutes                           hassio_supervisor

I’ve actually got the basic HA working on the B+ under Raspbian Stretch (non-Lite), by following the manual installation instructions, but seeing how much easier configuration and addon management is with it feels a bit like you’re left out of the party.

I also have HA running on an RPI2 but wanted to switch to So got a RPI3B+ today but no luck so far.

Did you try to connect a display to the pie to check if the logs might give some information?

On my Pi 3 B I had problems with one of my SD cards using the hassOS image, while the card worked perfectly fine with the resinOS image. After switching the card the setup finished without problems.

How do you check the logs. When I tried to login I was in some sort of limited shell. I only could run some homeassistant commands which all failed as HA was not running.

For some reason, just plugging it into the display made it work, and now I’ve got setup and running. (Could it be some server somewhere being overloaded?)

Now, is there some way I can move to a new WiFi network without reflashing the image?

The hassOS installation process will be displayed on the screen when you connect a display to the HDMI plug.

Yes. After creating the desired configuration (see @talondnb’s link) you can use an USB stick to transfer the configuration to hassOS: