Installation problems Wlan0

I do not get home assitant installed. it will remain on the next notification. wlan0 link is not ready. what is the problem???

Perhaps it cannot connect to your wireless network.

I think so too. but I can not find where to adjust that.

What version are you installing?
What are you installing it on? I assume from the error it is not Windows. :wink:
What instructions are you using?


I install home assitant on an rp3 b +. the version is 3.2.7. I have a screen on it. and almost at the last of the installation it gives this message. I have now connected it with a LAN cable. I can also recover through the browser. but the installation is not finished.

OK I just installed Hassio on Raspian Lite on my rp3 b+ yesterday.

Do you plan on keeping t connected to Ethernet? If so, you can safely ignore the error.

There are many ways to install Home Assistant and its variants on that device.

Do you have a link to the installation instructions you followed?

I chose not to install the HassOS variant due to my previous experiences with it in a virtual machine.

I am still beginning with the rp. I have the instructions on the site of home assitant. Via the browser can i see the logo of home assintant. with the text below that it takes another 20 minutes. i have waiting voor one hour but nothing hapens.

Try refreshing your browser or close the browser & reopen. The spped of installation depends somewhat on your Internet connection.

It appears you are trying either option 1 or 2 below.

Installation options:

  1. HassOS- 32 bit or 64-bit?

  2. Hassio on Raspian (32 bit & 64 bit)

  3. Hassbian (old?)

  4. Docker on Raspian

  5. Virtual Environment on Raspian

sorry for the late response. but it works. I had to erase everything from the explore. then enter the url and it works. thanks for your help