Installation USB on NUC fails, nothing bootable found

Hardware: Intel NUC D34010WYK 8G 120G SSD, latest BIOS v0054 (WYLPT1.0H.86A.0054.2019.0902.1752).

Home Assistant OS release: Fresh installation via USB stick, haos_generic-x86-64-6.6.img.xz, flashed via BalenaEtcher as documented.

Description of problem: When attempting UEFI boot with Secure Boot disabled, some text flashes by and boot appears to hang (flashing in a white screen, when repeating the enter key, I can catching the text flashing by).

When attempting Legacy boot, error message is displayed:
“Reboot and Select proper Boot device or Insert Boot media in selected Boot device and press a key”

Attempted with 2 USB sticks, same results.

Other variations attempted:

  • Enabled / disabled Secure Boot (clean config) → no effect
  • Reset all BIOS settings to default (F9) → no effect

I cannot see why the installer claims “Nothing bootable found”

I can see on the internet that other people had this problem, but topics are closed as it should have been resolved. But using the latest version, I still got this problem. Can anybody help please…

PS I can also see some people have installed Debian themselves (via Rufus), but this would be a completely different way to do an easy-to-install procedure as explained on the so preferably I would like to stick with the “standard” approach

You flash HA OS to the internal SSD, you can’t install it from an USB drive.

Thanks, so you are saying that the official procedure and explanation is not valid as described here Generic x86-64 - Home Assistant?

If I would follow your advise, how can I flash the HA OS directly onto the internal SSD of my NUC? Do I need to use the Balena Etcher? My internal SSD is now installed with Windows which can be completely formatted.

Or do you recommend to install Debian on my internal SSD and then install HA?

I don’t need dockers, the NUC is meant for HA only. thx.

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The instructions are correct. You have misinterpreted them. You are attempting to boot from an external drive with the image written to it. The image needs to be written directly to your SSD / HD / emmc. e.g. from the instructions:

Screenshot 2021-11-18 at 09-31-23 Generic x86-64

Screenshot 2021-11-18 at 09-32-20 Generic x86-64

You appear to have interpreted “boot media” as an external thumb drive. This is not correct. “boot media” refers to the storage device that home assistant will be running from.

You have two options:

  • Use an external drive enclosure to write the image to the drive using another PC. Then install the drive in your target system. Or…
  • Use a bootable Linux image on a USB drive to burn the image to the drive in the target system.

Both methods are explained in the instructions.

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I’m really sorry for not reading correctly… You are indeed right, even though I have read it several times.

Making Ubuntu bootable USB and the file haos_generic-x86-64-6.6.img.xz stored on another USB made it all happen. Thank you so much!

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I think I have a related question. I have tried the following method with no luck:

I have written the image to an external SSD while running Ubuntu live from a USB. The SSD ends up with 8 partitions including a hass boot partition. I try to boot from the SSD but with no luck. The PC I am running it on skips the boot from the SSD and boots into windows.

The only thing that I can think of it being is a hardware issue even though it is an X86-64 system I am using (an Acer Aspire X3990). The machine’s bios does not have a Secure Boot option. Could this be an issue?

You have 2 SSD’s in the PC ?

No, the SSD is external. The PC has an HD with Win11 but I’m trying to run on the SSD.

Did you change the boot order ?

Yes. I changed the order in BIOS and tried it using the boot menu as well. Still no luck

I’ve tried:

  1. Using balena etcher on another PC to flash home assistant OS to an HDD, then putting the HDD in a laptop
  2. Booting the target computer into live ubunto from a USB-stick, connecting another USB-stick with the HA OS on and then using image writer to put HA OS on the HDD.

After they are done adn the computer is restarted, both result in “reboot and select proper boot device”.

I suspected there was something with the HDD, so i put ubuntu on with that the PC boots just fine.

Any suggestions??