Installed 062.1 on my RPI3... No default repository for addons

I just installed HASS.IO 062.1 on my RP3. When I go to the Addons store, instead of showing me the base addons that I have seen in previous versions, it is prompting me for a repository. What is the default HASS.IO repository? Is this a bug in a clean install of 062.1? I am pretty sure in previous versions that I have played with the addons where there already.

Yes, just wanted to report that I have the same issue (clean install, new HASS instance, RPi3). It also exists in v62.0 when I tried that last week.

Could anyone help us out, either by telling us the default repository url, or confirming this will be resolved with a v62.2 release?

Thanks for any assistance!

was this resolved on 0.63.3?

I haven’t installed 62.3 yet but the good news is this did seem to resolve itself.

I gave up waiting for help and reinstalled 62.2 from scratch. The only different things I did was leave the install alone for longer and not configure a wifi file on the resin-boot volume before letting hassio go through its 20-min boot and self-setup; I left the house for an hour and left it to it.

When I came back I found the official add-ons were present this time.