Installed HAOS Supervised KVM on Ubuntu Server using Virt-install. But it is not working

Installed HAOS supervised on Ubuntu Server.

Stuck at this screen.


All above are not working.

Not sure how to move forward.

Searched throughout forum but could not find a clear solution.

Please help.

Nothing useful on that screen. HA is managed through the Web UI.

ha host reboot

and post the screen you get after a reboot.

I have rebooted the VM but now I don’t know how to run it again.

I did ssh in to ubuntu server.

Used command: virsh list
Id Name State

2 haos running

Next command: virsh reboot haos

Now, I don’t know how to get in to login interface again.

From your host machine try virsh console name-of-vm

As to why you can not get access using Web browser, that might depend on how you’ve set up the network within the host for the VM to connect to the outside world.

Here is a useful guide in general that you might find helpful.

Followed the guide and setup the network but still the same issue.

Any other ideas please?

Did virsh console name-of-vm work?
If this works, then from the console:

  • can you ping any other IP address on your LAN?
  • get your HA VM IP Address: use the command: ip addr . There should be an IP address in the list that matches your LAN subnet (ex. 192.168.0.x)

From some other computer on your LAN, can you ping the HA VM IP address?

I just went through this process, I think by default KVM will put your virtual machine on a inaccessible subnet like

To solve this you need to bridge the two adapters which is a bit of a pain.

Look up KVM with bridged adapter.

This will require you to modify /etc/netplan/01-netcfg.yaml, which won’t exist and be overwritten by the ubuntu cloud init service.

Lookup disable cloud init

Once you’ve done that and your able to edit 01-netcfg.yaml it needs to be setup something like this:

  version: 2
  renderer: networkd
      dhcp4: no
      interfaces: [enp2s0]
      dhcp4: yes
        stp: false
        forward-delay: 0


Create a new XML file for the bridged network configuration:

sudo nano /etc/libvirt/qemu/networks/bridged.xml

Add the following content to define the bridged network:


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  <forward mode='bridge'/>
  <bridge name='br0'/>

Define the Network in Libvirt**:Define and start the network:


sudo virsh net-define /etc/libvirt/qemu/networks/bridged.xml
sudo virsh net-start bridged
sudo virsh net-autostart bridged

To be sure add the parameter to your virt-install command
--network bridge=br0 \

Don’t have time to format this properly sorry, if in doubt chatgpt knows linux really well, it’ll talk you through it

Hope it helps