Installed HomeAssistant OS on 16GB sd now disk is full

I’ve installed haos on a rpi3 with 16GB of sd storage. I have 3 add on and 2 custom components. It has been running fine for the past month. Today, I noticed the storage space is in the red and it is telling me I am out of space. What is eating up the storage? I have only been updating the core update with no backups. There is no other backup of any sort for that matter. How can I get some storage space back? I have purge the recorder down to 1 day. I was thinking of installing the ssh addon to see what I can find; however, I cannot even install any addon.

I have not done a backup and was planning today but I cannot now. What size of sd card should prevent this from happening if I am going to start from scratch of. installation?

These are all I have. Granted I have deleted weatherdotcom and icloud3 custom integrations.


HA is currently using under 12G on my SD card, and my system is more complex than yours. 16G would be too close for comfort, although it might run for a while.

Until you can get a larger SD card, try deleting home-assistant_v2.db, which is the Recorder database. Do this while HA is shut down cleanly. It will create a new one when you re-start. You will of course lose all your historical data (state changes, events, etc.) but at least you’ll have some breathing room.

Then, review the following and exclude anything you don’t absolutely need from being recorded:

Not only will this free up space, it’ll reduce the number of writes to your SD card, prolonging its life.

Finally, move any backup files to another location like another local machine or cloud storage.

Again, this is not a long-term fix. You’ll want at least 32G, and a lot more if you’re planning on storing audio or video files.