Installed, set up, can't access Raspian now!

Hi Guys

Total noob to this so apologies if this is a stupid question.

I’ve installed HA to my RP4 using balenaEtcher on my Mac and an SD card. Inserted SD into RP4 and can now access HA via http://homeassistant.local:8123 on on my Mac’s browser - GREAT!

Issue I have is that now my RP4 just has a black screen that’s says Welcome to Home Assistant and a few other lines below. I can’t get onto the Raspian desktop.

Ideal situation would be for my RP4 to boot and then launch HA in the background so I can still use the RP4.

I usually run headless and access on my Mac via VNC Viewer, again not able to do this because it’s just booting up HA straight away and not going to the desktop.

Any help would be great!

When you use an image, you install Home Assistant OS as your base OS, there’s no Raspbian anymore. Home Assistant OS is headless with no Dekstop interface.
You’d need to install Home Assistant on top of your Rasbian, if you want to keep your desktop, through either Home Assistant Container, Home Assistant Core or Home Assistant Supervised. See here for a good overview of the different install methods. But in general it’s not a good idea to install HA as a background service on a desktop OS.