Installing Addons on non-Pi Homeassistant machine

I installed Homeassistant using the Python venv environment, on my Fedora 30 machine. Now I want to install addons, but there’s no supervisor button as per this posting:

Do you have any hints or tricks I can use to download and install the addons, perhaps via command line? Thanks.

Venv doesn’t allow you to install add-ons as it doesn’t use the Supervisor. You will need to install Docker and manually download any Docker containers you wish to, or install the packages as you would for any other software.

Thanks for the reply. Do you know where the packages are? I’m not looking for 3rd party addons, I want eg the Configurator and perhaps other official addons.

The add-ons that HA uses are just modified versions of those already available using Docker. The Docker Hub is a good place to look.

To get a better idea of what versions of HA do what, see this post



Oh wow, that post is very informative! Thanks!