Installing Custom Components with HACS

So in my quest to to rebuild a better, stronger, faster Home Assistant I’ve decided that I will adopt the new and use the GUI interface provided.
As a long time CLI user I will say I’m not all that upset about leaving the blinking cursor behind, well except when something doesn’t work.

I am trying to get the upcoming_media_card working in Home Assistant 2021.4.6. I installed the custom card using HACS, I restarted Home Assistant but when I try to add a custom card to my dashboard I get the big ugly red block that says:

Custom element doesn’t exist: upcoming-media-card.

My custom card code is this:

type: 'custom:upcoming-media-card'
entity: sensor.kodi_recently_added_tv
image_style: fanart
flag: false
title_size: medium
line_size: small
accent_color: '#2b374e'
border_color: '#13274b'

When I check the Logs there are no entries or errors other than the owntracks warning “Received unsupported message type: MessageClear”

When I go into Resources I see the upcoming-media-card resource:

/hacsfiles/upcoming-media-card/upcoming-media-card.js JavaScript Module

I checked for this file in my config directory and found it in:


So is the path for the resource incorrect? Do I change ‘hacsfiles’ to ‘www/community’ or are they the same thing to HA/HACS?

They are the same thing (but only the first will work), you probably just need to clear your browser cache