Installing ESPhome on GEEKMAGIC Smart Weather Clock (smalltv/pro)

Thanks. I have no idea what the ultra is.

I have LVGL working on these :slight_smile: only have to replace the ESP32 WROOM with the new version that includes 2MB PSRAM :rofl:
Full YAML at this link:

LCD works with default display drivers now:

  - platform: ili9xxx
    id: lcd_display
    model: st7789v
    spi_id: spihwd
    #data_rate: 20MHz #oringal device uses 20mhz - 40 is default and works - does not work at 80mhz
    #cs_pin: GPIO03 #CS pin is connected to gnd I believe
    dc_pin: GPIO02
    reset_pin: GPIO04
    spi_mode: MODE3   #since no cs pin default is mode0
      width: 240
      height: 240
      offset_height: 0
      offset_width: 0
    invert_colors: true

The ultra is also a esp8226. esp-12f


Hi, I tryed with esp-prog (uart side: gnd,tx,rx,vcc,io0,reset) but not works… What are your Arduino configuration board ? ( generic esp8266 or other like NodeXXX?) what are the flashing parameters configuration ? Why the Serial monitoring not works ?
The GeekMagic+esp-prog get power supply and run its weather firmware well, also works the boot and reset button on the esp-prog… I can swith the Geek to “upload mode” but the flashing procedure from the Arduino IDE not works… The logs shows “Serial COM11 Conecting……” until the timeout !
Please help me!

A little off-topic but if anyone sees this post and has one of these that is asking for an activation code, PM me your MAC address and I should be able to generate one for you after I spent a good amount of time reverse engineering the process!

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Can we admire your work at github or somewhere else in the interwebs?