Installing from an USB To nvme drive... HOW?

I am dumb folded…
I have a intel NUC and want to flash the HASIO image to the nvme drive. Problem is… i have no other drive to install it from.
Meaning, no easy way to use belena etcher or some other OS dependant tool…

What to do?
Is there a live image from USB with which i can install it from?

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Can`t find the " * Use a bootable Linux image on a USB drive to burn the image to the drive in the target system." Part of the explanation…

Can you tel me where i can find the instructions for it.

Step 4.

Thank you for walking with me. I found it.
This is the CRUCIAL part thet most ppl miss. Installing with Ubuntu live cd.

Exacly what the doctor ordered :smiley:
You have to expand the post… really eassy to miss.