Installing Git on

Hello I used to backup my Home Assistant configurations using Git. Yesterday I migrated to but I realized that trying to install Git on ResinOS is not as clear as I thought.

So my question is: How do you install Git on the docker image?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I couldn’t work it out either, so just ran git (from another computer) against the samba network folder for the config.

Found this addon linked elsewhere on the forum might help:

thanks @aguinane I’ll give it a shot!. If I manage to successfully install this addon I will let you know

I think an integration with git would be a really helpful thing.

That the config is automatically saved (or with the press of a button) to a git repository, with the possibility to give the git repo by installation, so that the config, dependencies and add-ons are automatically installed on start.

And counting the number of user using raspberry, an automated backup/installation should be more than welcome.

apk add git