Installing Google Assistant

Well in my cold medication induced fog I made a stupid mistake and messed up my emulation hue that was working. Of course now with that being broken I can’t get it back to on to Google Assistant I go.

PSA: Don’t play with your home assistant config while on prescription cough medicine. :slight_smile:

I just want to make sure I got all of my thoughts right before I proceed to install google assistant:

  1. the client ID and Access token are randomly generated base64 codes, If I want to run the code provide in the directions where do we run that from? SSH into home assistant? or SSH into the pi?

  2. How do we do the gactionscli stuff is that done on my pc or on the home assistant pi?

I think that might be all the rest seems fairly straight forward.

  1. You run that on SSH into Pi.
  2. You can install that on your PC and run it there, no need to move it in Pi.

Just a quick question again for the clientId and access token can you just use a site like to generate a random code then convert it to base64 using

Thanks for the quick response Norik

I am not sure.

Make sure that your clintid is the same as in google account.

Got pretty close but got something wrong, i can see my app listing in the home control when I click on it I get a home assistant logo for a few min the. i get this error
This site can’t be reached

The webpage at NAME goes here&scope=email+name&state=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 might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

should I be able to get to and have it do something?

I think I might have found part of my issue, It seems my external access is borked right now. I get my login screen but when I put in my password I get an unable to connect error. Guess I got to figure that out first.

All good now, Found my issue for some reason my router lost my port forwarding record, recreated that and off to the races.

Now to clean up the mess so all 40 devices don’t get published.