Installing HA on a Raspberry Pi

Please help my not so good memory!!

I have a Raspberry Pi, running HomeAssistant, that I built several years ago. It is doing just fine, but I feel that things should be updated. Since I am hesitant to upgrade a working system, my plan is to buy another Raspberry Pi, will install everything on it, and then use the new one. Sounds simple, but…

I installed the Raspberry Linux and everything worked just fine, including SSH (once I enabled it). I then followed the instructions here, but after doing this, I could no longer SSH to the machine! I hooked up a monitor, etc., and found that logging in was directly to HomeAssistant. Not what I was hoping for and not what currently exists!

Looking at the existing system, I see that HomeAssistant in installed in the folder /home/pi/homeassistant (and others). However, the websites I am finding talk about creating a folder /srv/homeassistant, a homeassistant user, etc and going from there. Maybe this is the ‘new’ way to do things, but unless there is a reason not to, I would like to recreate that which I did before.

I did not take good notes last time and have forgotten what I did. So, can you please point me to instructions for installing HomeAssistant like I did in Sept 2017? Thanks.

Since you have installed Linux with raspberry pi, you can look into installing the supervised version of HA. Its mostly simple and should work with any Debian Linux just follow this guide.

With this, you will install HA in docker. As a tip I recommend you to not do this through SSH as there some packages that will terminate your network connection. Please try this process after you connect the monitor and keyboard to the pi. It would be more stable.

I make this simple script to help nubies. Work for RPI 4 though. Please let me know


Sheminasalam – Thanks for the pointer, that is what I was looking for. A couple of notes:

So it sounds like you are running HA in a Python virtual environment (or venv). Is that true?

If so it sounds like you want to continue running in that way. Is that also true?

or do you want to update to a Supervised version (for add-ons, snapshots, etc)?

Is it still possible to install AddOns inside HA as well? Add repo’s and install them?
Or do you need install things using Portainer?

Off course that is all the point on running supervised on supported version. However running supervised version you will also be able to install docker from Portainer too. For stability you should install all addon from portainer and then should there is no availability then you install one using HA-Addon

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