Installing HA on RPi

Hi everyone,

I have been using HA for sometime now and I initially set everything up to work on my PC (i.e. using mysensors and a Serial GW connected to a USB port). Now, I decided to move everything over to my new RPi 3.

I have been reading a lot of discussions on forum, but to be honest, it made me even more confused as there are many solutions to one problem! That being said, I tried to install the HA on RPi using the All-In-One-Installer.

It started okay but then it asked me whether I want to install an updated version of one of the dependencies, I chose to see the options, after that the terminal was doing nothing … I think I somehow derailed the process !!!

I started fresh again, not it gets stuck at some random stage each time for more than 12 hours …

I would really appreciate some help in here !!! I am eager to keep my NOOBS UI and have the HA running in background.


@fabaff any suggestion ?

Looks like a missing compiler (gcc) or missing devel packages, as far as I can tell from the image.