Installing Hass on VirtualBox

hi guys.
I installed hassio on a new NUC i5 pc. did it exactly as directed by “The hook up” .
Setting a defined ip for the hassio was not successful . I set the parameters, but could not access the system or see the hass on my router list. I therefore, skipped that part and let the hass take an ip automatically. this worked and I am able to access the hassio .
My problem is that I can access the home assistant front-end only from the local host computer (Nuc). I just cant access it from any LAN PC/mobile/vpn.
I noticed that the vm is working in a local subnet (192.168.56.x) while my router is setting values in 192.168.0.x- I therefore can not do any port forwarding.
I am using bridged mode as instructed but I see many recommendations to use NAT only for enabling internal port forwarding. tried to check that as well but it seems I can not use it.

Any idea ?
appreciate any advise.

Your VM IP address says differently. What you describe sounds identical to NAT or HOST-ONLY mode on the VM NIC in the VM settings.

Yep, bridged means bridged. Check it.

checked andf re-installed everything again. it seems that the virtual box automativcally creates a host only adapter , even though I sepcifically defined "bridged "… I did not yet defined a specific IP and let it choose it. I can access teh Hassio only locally. Is something wrong with the router ( tp link c2) ?
i can see the hassio IP on the router DHCP client list

Resolved !!!
McAfee firewalled the access to the host .
Moving on !
thanks all

Just an FYI, you didn’t have to re-install anything. You can just modify the Virtualbox VM settings…