Installing HASSIo on a QNAP ts-251+ , how to do with Aeotec Zwave stick on another machine

Trying to use my QNAP for HASSIo and use my current HASSIO-NUC for something else.

One of my issues in doing so is that my zwave stick is currently on the NUC while since the QNAP is in the basement (no zwave repeater, and it would be very complicated to put some) I do need to have the zwave stick in my living room. Hence I was thinking of using a pi3 just for that.

Any suggestions on how to configure all the above (how to make zwave stick on the pi3 communicate with HASSIo on QNAP)?

What version of HA are you running on your QNAP? Have you figured out the issue with the stick getting dropped when you reboot the NAS?

I don’t use the stick on the QNAP,

As a possible alternative approach, I have Home-assistant running as a virtual machine in my basement and use a 15 foot USB cable to connect the Z wave stick. It could eliminate some complexity and possibly some latency???

do your customizations stay after a NAS reboot? What about a power loss?

I use NUC now NOT QNAP. The idea was to use the QNAP, but the stick somewhere else: I know there is an unresolved problem that the QNAP after restart changes USB names (I think on puirpose for marketing purposes) hence not possible to use efficiently USB sticks on QNAP.
Nevertheless I have another problem, I need the stick to be phisically somewhere else