Installing Help Pool Controller

We have Home Assistant OS running on our raspberryPi and we are getting ready to install nodeJS but we are confused on how to install it under HA. Please help

Home Assistant 2023.7.2
Supervisor 2023.07.1
Operating System 10.3
Frontend 20230705.1 - latest

Can anyone help us get this up and running.

We have a RPi 3, with a 4 channel power relay, 3 onewire temp sensors, 2 atlas scientific sensors (ph and orp), single stage pump (in one relay), and lights (in another relay)

we would like to incorporate it all into HA if possible.

You don’t need nodeJS to run any of that.

What do I need Nick?

You need to add them as devices or entities to HA, then add to your dashboard (assuming you want to visualise them), and automate them.

Quite how to add them is unknown, as you haven’t said precisely what they are. Esphome will probably be needed.

3 onewire temp sensors
2 atlas sensors
1-4 port relay for pump and for lights

Sounds like a job for esphome. Can’t give any more advice with so little info.

This is absolutely something that you could do with EspHome and HA/Node Red automations. If you wanted. But like you, I’m going down the NjsPC route for our pool.

My personal option/preference is NjsPC/Nixie controller simply because I want the pool to continue to work properly, and be controllable it HA goes offline. I’m going to be putting a 7" touchscreen in our equipment shed so that we can quickly and easily change pump speeds and spot monitor things right at the pool.

NjsPC does support MQTT, you can get everything in to HA via MQTT discovery once you have NjsPC and MQTT talking to each other. There is a custom component out there to integrate NjsPC and HA.

We got everything up and running this past weekend using third party integrations in HA and some research on how to get HA to talk to the GPIO pins. 2 things left to finish. 1 get HA to read the T3 board which holds our atlas scientific sensors, and 2 replace a one wire temp sensor. Speaking about the temp sensor what is everyone using to put the temp sensor into the water column, we have our sensor block with the atlas sensors and the temp sensor in it but we need to replace the temp sensor and need some guidance on what adaptor to use that wont leak.


Atlas - see here EZO sensor circuits — ESPHome