Installing Home Assistant/Hass.IO (4.11) on Windows 10 (VirtualBox/Virtual Machine)

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The YouTube Tutorial —

We’ll be installing Home Assistant On Windows (Virtual Machine) using VirtualBox (6.1.12)

The Softwares you will need are (Download And Install them):

  • Virtual Box
  • Advanced IP Scanner/ You May Or May Not Need This
  • Any Commpessed File extracter like WinRaR.

Settings You Will Have To Activate…

Intel Virtualization Technology/AMD virtualization (AMD-V):

1.To Activate this You need to get to your BIOS/UEFI.
2.Search for virtualization in your BIOS/UEFI.
3.If it is disabled, Please enable it…

Let’s Start!!

Steps for installing Home Assistant:

  1. Download VDI(Virtual Disk Image) from Home Assistant Site ,

2.Extract the file.

3.Open Virtual Box, Click on new.

4.Choose A name of your choice.

5.Under “Type”, choose ‘Linux’ and under “Version” choose ‘other linux(64 bit)’…

If u choose 32bit it wont work…
if you didnt get the 64bit option, U haven’t enabled virtualization in your bios, i.e. The 64bit option will get activated only if
you enabled Virtualization in your BIOS/UEFI.

Now If you Have followed properly lets go to the next step

6.Click “next”, Give 2048 MB or 1536 MB as RAM, Then Click Next.

7.Choose “Use an existing virtual hard disk file” and Click on the icon the next to the file name bar.

8.In the Hard Disk Selector, Click ‘Add’

9.Now select the file that was extracted earlier in step 2 and click ‘OPEN’ and then click “Choose”.

10.Click Create.

11.Now Click on settings, Under “System”, Under “Extended Features”, Enable “Enable EFI(special OSes only)”

12.Under “Network”, Change “Attached to: NAT” To “Bridged Adapter”,Next, click on ‘Advanced’, and under “promiscuous mode”, Change ‘Deny’ to ‘Allow All’. And click OK.

13.Now on the top- right corner click on ‘File’, in the drop down menu click ‘virtual media manager’, select the vdi file we chose earlier and CLICK On properties and change 6.00GB To 32.00GB and click apply… and close

14.Now You Have setup Your HassOS!!Congrats.

15.It doesn’t end here. Select your machine you just had setup.

16.And click ‘Start’, A new window will pop up, Leave it to run for a few minutes, Once its Idling and the cursor is blinking, Hit Enter on your keyboard.

17.It should say ‘Welcome to Home Assistant’ and ‘Homeassistant login:’ and now type “root” and hit “enter” on your keyboard, if it doesn’t say ‘Welcome to Home Assistant’ and ‘Homeassistant login:’ then type ‘login’ and hit enter…

  1. A welcome screen should Appear.Now type “ha start”…

19.Now open “Advanced IP Scanner” and click ‘scan’, give it a few minutes…, When homeassistant appears on the list, right click on homeassistant, And under “Copy”, click on ‘IP’
Use the command ‘nmcli’, to find the ip…
as shown here,

20.Now open any browser (recommended chrome), paste your IP address that you have copied and add “:8123” in the End

  1. Voila!! You’ve completed the setting up of HassIO!!


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