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Installing Home-Assistant on Asustor NAS using "docker-ce" and "portainer"



New to home automation and I was thinking about buying a Philips Hue light for my bedroom to begin with and I am going to invest in a “Conbee II” zigbee-stick from Dresden Electronics to control it (and other zigbee devices) with.

Instead of buying and using a RPi I was thinking about using my NAS (Asustor AS5004T) and run “docker-ce” and “portainer”.

My current steps:

  1. Install “portainer” which also will download “docker-ce” if not already installed
    (did not enable port forwarding)
  2. Opened a private browsing window (got a cache issue with “No response” otherwise) and browsed to:
  3. Created default user
  4. Connected to my “Local” Docker environment / Clicked “Local” (in the portainer setup wizard)
  5. Selected “Endpoints” > “local” and under “Public IP” entered “my_nas_ip” > “Update endpoint”
  6. “Home” > “local” > “Images” > under “Image” entered “homeassistant/home-assistant” w. “Registry” set to “DockerHub” > “Pull the image”
    (took a while to pull)
  7. “Containers” > “Add container” >
    under “Name” entered “home-assistant”
    under “Image” entered “home-assistant” and selected the image from the list
    “Publish all exposed ports” = TOGGLE
    “Deploy the container”
  8. Clicked the “console”-icon next to the container and then “Connect” (using “root”)
  9. When connected to the container;
    “python3 -m pip install homeassistant”

Relevant output:

Installing collected packages: homeassistant
Successfully installed homeassistant-0.92.2

hass --open-ui

Relevant output:

[homeassistant.components.device_tracker] Unable to load /root/.homeassistant/known_devices.yaml: Config file not found: /root/.homeassistant/known_devices.yaml
[homeassistant.components.http] Failed to create HTTP server at port 8123: [Errno 98] error while attempting to bind on address (‘’, 8123): address already in use
[homeassistant.components.discovery] Unknown service discovered: home_assistant {‘host’: ‘my_container_ip’, ‘port’: 8123, ‘hostname’: ‘Home._home-assistant._tcp.local.’, ‘properties’: {‘version’: ‘0.92.2’, ‘base_url’: my_container_ip:8123’, ‘requires_api_password’: True}}


Unable to access Home Assistant through my_nas_ip:8123
Disconnected from the shell
Connected again >
“top” > “hass” is running
“netstat -plant” > python is using port 8123

cd /config/
cat configuration.yaml

apt-get update
apt-get install nano

uncommented “http”

server_port: 8124

Still get the same error:

2019-05-09 18:31:29 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.http] Failed to create HTTP server at port 8123: [Errno 98] error while attempting to bind on address (‘’, 8123): address already in use
2019-05-09 18:31:42 INFO (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.discovery] Unknown service discovered: home_assistant {‘host’: ‘my_container_ip’, ‘port’: 8123, ‘hostname’: ‘Home._home-assistant._tcp.local.’, ‘properties’: {‘version’: ‘0.92.2’, ‘base_url’: ‘my_container_ip:8123’, ‘requires_api_password’: True}}

Restarted the container, same issue

Am I missing something?
python seems to have been bound to 8123 which hass is trying to use and therefore I get an empty response when trying to connect to my_nas_ip:8123

Thanks for your time / TheSwede86


apologies, not an expert, but why dont you just follow the official docker installation


You are correct, however I get the same error that port 8123 is already in use even though I run it manually through docker-ce when using SSH and executing the command on my NAS but now it works anyway :slight_smile: Just weird that I couldnt get it to work with portainer, guessing I did something wrong there.



The docker image already includes home assistant. You don’t do this in Docker.

When you use this option in Portainer, it publishes a RANDOM port tied to the correct port.
What you want is NETWORK MODE = HOST, which are down below in the network options.


Thanks for your reply, thats also what I thought was weird since I actually installed a docker for home-assistant and then needed to install it when pulling the image.

I am new to docker so I read this;

To get started:
python3 -m pip install homeassistant
hass --open-ui

from here:

Which lead me to believe that command was needed.


That documentation on the docker hub page is incorrect. It looks like it was pulled straight from an old version of the official getting started page. A docker image contains everything it needs to run the application. You don’t install things in a Docker container.


Thanks, the documentation there made me a bit confused.
Anyway I mapped 8123 > 8123 in portainer and that did the trick, it works now :slight_smile:

Thanks for all replies!


discovery will not work unless you use network mode: host.


Saw that, when I launched it with docker manually it found my Kodi but when I ran it with “bridge” and only did a portforward it didn’t (ofc since its on a different network then my host-network).