Installing Home assistant on Lenovo s21e-20 netbook

Hello. I managed to install Generic x86-64 on a netbook, but I ran into a network connection problem. There is no LAN connector in my netbook !! How do I connect it to a wifi network via the console ?? I tried to execute commands through HELP, but it’s not clear… either he doesn’t see my wifi card, maybe the drivers don’t fit.

Please help
P.S. I booted the system with a USB WIFI adapter, now he sees it and I can see the network through the commands, but how to connect to a new network?? How do I enter a command ??

Проблема решена:

network update wlan0 --ipv4-method auto --wifi-ssid ВАШСИД --wifi-psk ВАШПАСС --wifi-auth wpa-psk

wlan0 заменить на свой