Installing Home Assistant on Smartthings hardware


Wouldn’t that be very cool? Samsung’s crappy software would be gone and we would still benefit from z-wave and zigbee hardware, as well as the battery backup.

I suppose this is next to impossible.


It would be cool. Having said that, I don’t know much about its hardware so my first question would be is there sufficient oomph and storage to adequately serve the needs of Home Assistant (i.e. is it at least as capable as a Raspberry Pi 3).

I imagine you’d have to be able to either root the device, to gain administrative control of it, or find a way to put the hardware into a mode that would allow re-flashing its firmware. Searching for “rooting Smartthings Smart Hub” doesn’t produce anything relevant. Either very few people are interested in exploring this route (perhaps because the platform isn’t powerful enough) or have tried and failed to produce anything worth repeating.

Did a search for “Smartthings Smart Hub teardown” and found this (for version 2 hub):

32-bit ARM Cortex-A9 CPU @ 1GHz
4 GB eMMC storage

Seems adequate for ‘lift-off’ but you’d probably need to add external storage (via one of its two USB ports) because 4GB of onboard storage is meager.