Installing Home Assistant Supervised using Debian 12

I need to switch off dchp because I would like to use Adguard and I cannot set DNS servers at router side. So adguard will be my DHCP server but for that I need to set manually the HA host ip address. Currently I set fix IP in my router but if I switch off DHCP it won’t work.

What make and model router do you have? I can over ride the DNS settings on mine and still have DHCP working on it but you need to know where to set it. I also use Adguard as my DNS.

Internet security provider one.

That’s all what I can set and the reservation list.

And what about the Internet Wan side, are there any DNS settings there?

No :frowning: Now I’m trying Adguard DHCP. Hope it will work well.
But the question is still where to set static ip. Via supervise menu or I should change debian config?

If you change it in supervisor it will set it in Debian as well.

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I have installed Debian in USB HDD managed by RPi4 using this guide. Everything is fine except that I can all the time see in logs dump for SD card (which is removed since I could boot from HDD). I found in this thread HASS.IO -> transfer from SD card to SSD or USB advice to enter into config.txt file the extra line dtparam=sd_poll_once=on but it didn’t help.
I still can see the following in syslog repeating again and again
mmc1: Timeout waiting for hardware cmd interrupt. mmc1: sdhci: ============ SDHCI REGISTER DUMP ===========

do you guys put back sd card after booting? Would it help?

Another question is about updates in Debian - I can see there is Docker update, but this can break HA images if not compatible - how to find out which OS update is safe for Home Assistant?

Very unlikely. In 3 years there was recently a dud docker update that broke everything however in general if you DON’T keep Debian up-to-days you can run into problems so I always update when there are updates.

I to have this question, exactly because recently there was a bad docker update that broke the entire install.
So, how to find out which OS update is safe for Home Assistant?

regarding the SD card, I answer myself. I put back the card into the slot and mentioned messages have stopped.

regarding the updates I was referring to
root@rpi4-20201112:~# apt list --upgradable
Listing… Done
docker-ce-cli/buster 5:20.10.3~3-0~debian-buster arm64 [upgradable from: 5:20.10.2~3-0~debian-buster]
docker-ce/buster 5:20.10.3~3-0~debian-buster arm64 [upgradable from: 5:20.10.2~3-0~debian-buster]

I will go ahead and install it as David said but I could see in the past, many cases when upgrading OS packets (what is good in general) could break other services, images, software.

It was easily reverted and fixed though.

Care to list these ‘many’ cases? I am only aware of the one I mentioned. Never had any other issue with Debian updates. ( oh also that specific version of Docker I have been running it since it was released a few weeks ago)

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wouldn’t you agree that preventing the installation of a bad upgrade/update is preferable to having to recover from a bad upgrade ?

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I am a beginner in Linux.

I have an intel nuc DC3217IYE with debian 10, after I installed home assistant supervised from this tutorial I don’t have audio to hdmi, and the videos on YouTube don’t load, how can I solve this problem? Hoping you will help me thank you in advance.

supervisor addon “alsa and audio fix”.

That won’t solve your youtube load problem…not sure what that is.

question: using your DC3217IYE, were you able to get multichannel audio over HDMI or is it limited to stereo?

I didn’t try multichannel via HDMI, I only used it on the monitor

I have a chance to upgrade my HA PC from an i5-2500 to an i7-7700k (with mobo, still 8G Ram). It would mean a teardown/rebuild of the PC, and then whatever magic it takes to swap the HD with HA on it to using the new parts.

HA is the only thing this PC is used for. Is the upgrade worth the trouble?

My production system runs on an i5 2400 and never misses a beat. Also runs a Plex server and 24hr DVR.

Up to you, but it’s not needed.

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I would not both upgrading, unless you run a LOT of other/intense applications from that same PC. Home Assistant is NOT a heavy resource consumer in any way.

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Thanks! Heh that’s a relief.