Installing Mushroom Cards?

I’ve got Dwain’s Dashboard installed and I’d love to install Mushroom Cards (Lovelace or Dwain’s), but I’ve spent seemingly hours wandering backwards and forwards to HACS and the Repository without success. The nearest I’ve got is to a graphic temptingly showing the cards, but with no clear instructions as to how to install them! There are various instructions on the net, none of which are clear .

Anyone have an idea as to what magic words I have to utter to install Mushroom Cards, please?

Did you find the official instructions?

Thanks for the reply ‘Tinkerer’.

Yes, that’s where I started. The mushroom themes are installed OK in ~/config/themes/mushroom, but I can’t find how to invoke them in Dwain’s Dashboard. Mushroom cards don’t appear as a choice in ‘entity card’ when I edit an entity.


It looks like you’ve just added themes, not cards.

You need to install the cards, which aren’t entities.

I’ve got mushroom cards and they’re where they should be. I also refreshed the browser, as instructed - but I still can’t get a card displayed. I might have a lie down now - I’m 83 and shouldn’t be doing this sort of thing ;^}

Have you tried them outside of Dwain’s? Just to check that the are available to you

If I add a card in ‘vanilla’ Lovelace, I just see the standard cards to chose from.


Then it sounds like the cards aren’t correctly installed.

Thanks for the reply ‘Tinkerer’.

I’ll try re-installing them - but am not feeling very hopeful!


Double check your resources to see if they show there. If they don’t that’s your problem.

Under resources I have this (only) entry:



Ah - It works if I use the url:


But not if I use the url I normally use:

(I’ve never been sure what url I should use and can’t see why 192.168 etc shouldn’t work and what the difference is!)

So, mushroom cards are working with the local host url, but along the way I’ve lost the connections to my Reolink cameras - but that’s another 50 gallon drum of worms!

Thanks for the help ‘Tinkerer’!

That sounds like a browser cache issue.

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