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Installing older version of Home Assistant


How do i proceed with installing 0.89 for trouble shooting reasons. I’ve found the files for the source code on github, but that’s not an image.

I would like to create an image that i can flash to either a RPi 2B or RPI 3B


Etcher should be able to do that job for you I think?


Are you saying you want the Hassio HassOs image or Hassbian?
If Hassbian I think you could downgrade home assistant after installation.
You can also downgrade Hassio home Assistant I believe. Not sure about the supervisor or hypervisor though.


Can input the source code to Balena and get the right config for my system? I thought it only worked with pre-compiled images.


HassOs, I’m having issues and i want to roll back to see if the OS can be the culprit.


Found the actual images here:

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You can also just load up any image on the card and when it is up and running issue this command from the Hassio CLI:

hassio homeassistant update --version=x.y.z
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