Installing on a RasbPi 3


I’m trying to install a actual Build of Home Assistant to my Raspberry Pi 3.
I’ve created a SD-Card for several times with HAOS, but when I put the Card into the PI it doesn’t boot up.
Same Card but a original PiOS workes fine.
I’d like to know, what’s going wrong…
Meanwhile I’m trying to use a Home Assistant Container on my Synology DS.
Works fine, but there are no AddOns available.
Ist it a bug or is it a feature?

how are you flashing the sd card?

If you are not following this guide then try following it.
Raspberry Pi - Home Assistant

As far as I know addons are not included in the container install, but i am sure they can be installed. Never tried so don’t know how.

Addons are for Supervised and HAOS only.