Installing on Android

Hi, i loaded the Home Assistant app on my android phone but i can’t get past the “What is your Home Assistant URL?” section!

Where/how do i find this url?


What does the browser window say on your computer.
That is the URL.

But if this is just a local IP then it won’t work outside your wifi coverage

Hi, im actually using the android app so there is no url or browser window. What do i need to do?

Not the phone. Computer where you are viewing HA normally

The app in your phone is just an interface for a Home Assistant instance installed elsewhere. It is not Home Assistant itself.
You need to install Home Assistant somewhere else.

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Please excuse my ignorance but this is abit too techie for me to fully understand.

What do you mean by ‘on my computer’?

Do i need to install something on my laptop? If so can i install it on my working laptop that i use daily?

It is possible. But if you want Home Assistant to work fine, your laptop has to run 24/7.

Better is to install it on a dedicated minicomputer, like Intel NUC or a Raspberry Pi, which can stay allways on and uses very low power.

OK i understand.

Can you recommend a dedicated microcomputer to install it on, other than a Raspberry PI, that is quiet or fanless?

Have a look at this video:

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Would a thin client work?

Yes, I’m running my setup on a thin client with intel Celeron processor.

What is the spec of your thin client?