Installing on Asustor NAS

I am looking to port my rpi supervised version over to a new NAS (Asustor AS6602) which comes with the option to install HA.

When I install it requires Docker, but only installs core and not the supervised version.

Version: core-2021.6.6
Installation Type: Home Assistant Container
Development: false
Supervisor: false
Docker: true

Is there anyway to add the supervised functionalilty to this docker install or do I have to do a new full docker install and forget the included “app” version from the NAS?

Short answer, no.

Long answer, if the NAS supports VMs then you can install HAOS in a VM. You cannot install “Supervised” on your NAS.

Thanks @Tinkerer . So I can’t install a new supervised docker install (GitHub - home-assistant/supervised-installer: Installer for a generic Linux system) either?

Did you click the Requirements link there?

Does your NAS meet them?