Installing on Raspberry Pi 3

Greetings from Sydney Australia !!! Beginner trying to embark on the journey of Hass.

I have question on how to install Home Assistant in Raspberry Pi 3.

I used this link but confused with step 7.

So I plan to use Wi-Fi, so I will do step 3:
WiFi setup only: open the file system-connections/resin-sample with a text editor. Change ssid to be your network name and psk to be your password.

Then on step 7, it stated:
The Raspberry Pi will now boot up, connect to the Internet and download the latest version of Home Assistant. This will take about 20 minutes.

Does this mean the Raspberry Pi upon booted up will then connect to the Internet and automatically download the latest version of Home Assistant or do I need to trigger the download manually?

If it’s Automatic download, how do I know when the installation finished?

Yes. That is the ‘Docker’ portion of HASSIO that pulls the latest version.

No. There is no interface for you to do that.

That is actually a topic in the forums as a feature request. Basically you just have to keep trying to access the web GUI until it works. Hopefully your internet is fast enough that 20 minutes is the maximum time required.

If it helps - i logged into the IP address the Pi was on when it was installing, and i remember seeing some sort of loading screen with the home-assistant logo on it. So at least I knew it was doing… something

@flamingm0e @jerry_nz do you guys do wired or wireless install? I intend to do wireless as I can’t find my rj45 cable but don’t know how reliable the wireless installation is.

I run my setup on an Intel NUC. I didn’t like how limited I was with HASSIO and a Pi.

There is no difference in installation. As long as your home wifi is reliable, it works just fine and identically the same either way.


i did wireless also

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