Installing on rPI 3 64 bit

I have been trying to get this Hassio image start on my RPi and been 100% unsuccessful to the point its so depressing. All documentation “Assumes” the step after popping in the image onto a Pi it will work. So Im guessing its me thats missing some step.


  1. RPi 3 64 bit
  2. Edimax USB Wifi dongle
  3. Power supply that can handle 5A

Here is what Im doing:

  1. Downloaded he 64 bit image for RPi
  2. Burnt it on a 64gb SD Card using Etcher.
  3. Created my-network file and added my SSID and Secret Key
  4. Put the SD Card back on the RPi.

Its been 1 hour but the blue light on the wifi dongle is not on. Which tells me it has not detected the network so doing nothing.

I do know RPi and Edimax is working fine because I was able to bring it online with Homebridge image in no time.

So what am I missing here? Please help.

HassOS only works with the internal RBPi 3 Wifi, not with dongles. Drivers are missing for the dongle.

Very many years ago, I bought a pair of goldfish and a large tank and was told they will grow in few months and have a lot of babies. After waiting for 3 years, creating a large habitat for 2 goldies, a friend of mine told me both are females.

I got this RPi from a friend who told me its Pi 3 B and after 3 years I found out today its actually 2 B. Now I got the correct image and I got it working.

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